Chrome106 – A Latest Update Of Chrome Came Out

What’s new in the latest update?

Google has announced a new update of chrome with version 106. let’s look at the new compulsory features of the newly announced update to the browser. This new update of chrome is released on 27 September, 2022 by google. The four-week release cycle of google chrome will give the users better browsing experience, version 106 is now available.

The new features of google chrome 106 are currently going through experimental process and are not default features yet at the moment. In this article we will discuss and look that what’s new in update of google chrome 106.


This feature is also known as translator, it allows us to focus text and translate it into another language. the above mentioned update of google chrome already allowed us to translate pages, but this is way more helpful when we simply want to translate and word, page or a sentence. this feature one of the translation tools of google chrome.

To access this convenient feature here is what we have to do:
1. Go to chrome://flags.
2. In the search bar go for the Desktop-partial-translate.
3. Click enable to to desktop partial translate
4. Restart chrome by clicking relaunch in the bottom-right corner.


If we are spending very much of our time searching through the Internet, then we appreciate how the RSS reader help us stay enlighten. while chrome before now had an RSS reader for Android, this feature is finally reintroduced to the desktop of PC which is now going through experimental process, year afterwards google reader was disconnected.

The RSS reader is not fully working yet but in this period of time, we can follow or unfollow sites. To get this feature ON follow the steps given below:
1. Open the (chrome://flags.)
2. Search for (following-feed-side panel) in the search bar.
3. Now in the third step change the default setting into Enabled.
4. In the forth step we have to click an option in the bottom right corner named Relaunch.


The updates that we discussed above can help you improve your browsing and searching experience while using chrome. The chrome 106 new update is 20 times more secure after being released. Until then it is safe and secure to browse before the next update is being arrived. For now many updates are going through experimental flags, they will be released in permanent version of chrome in up coming days. Updates come up with analytical security amendments and features to boost our browsing intimacy. So, its essential to keep up. if we don’t like the auto update of chrome then we can disable the auto update in the chrome settings.

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